There are a million ways to become a millionaire, but there is only one way to become successful and that is by achieving a goal.

Without a goal, you cannot be successful. That's only logical. Reaching goals however, is not always that simple. There are many challenges and sooner or later you'll discover that it's your own mind​​​​​​​ that's keeping you from achieving goals. 

Nobody can deny that having a clear mind can benefit your whole life. When I did this training, I discovered that it's not hard to accomplish a gentle state of awareness. It only takes a little practical training.

We can make decisions based on our automatic thoughts, but we can also totally disregard them. Maybe you've experienced yourself that you can choose to do things, only based on the fact that it just feels right. 

We all have a general awareness that notices our thoughts, intuition, emotions and senses; that is who we truly are. The good news here is that we are not the popcorn machine called mind and we can all learn how to turn it off.

Some people have very busy minds. Did you know that the average person generates approximately 60,000 thoughts per day? This is only an estimation, because no-one has ever been able to actually count them! Because our thoughts  determine what we do and how we react, it's important to pay attention to our thoughts.

Did you know that your thoughts emerge from your subconsciousness? The subconscious mind works as your own private server filled with everything you have ever experienced and learned. It constantly feeds you related information about incoming senses, mostly in the form of memories, feelings or thoughts. It's like a pair of Google glasses that you can't take off.
Your experiences and life lessons are translated into rules you live by. These are called beliefs and they determine your automatic behaviour. Sadly, switching your auto-pilot on and off is something that they didn't teach you in highschool.

We all have unique back packs filled with personal experiences and beliefs. From before you were born until now, you've created hundreds maybe thousands different beliefs. Combined they form and constitute your paradigms, personality and identities. It's the way you look at things. Beliefs are not always negative or limiting, not by far. People create by experience to adept, thrive and be safe. 80% of our beliefs were formed before we were 7 years old.

With these paradigms we un-consciously label everything we sense and experience in the now. Our subconscious mind is always calculating possible outcome, analyzing possibilities and expectations. It's very powerful equipment. As a result we can walk, eat, write or read on autopilot. Luckily we are not aware of all these unconscious processes. We wouldn't have any time left to actually enjoy what we're doing!

Our ears, mouth or eyes are not the perceivers of reality. Our senses only register sensations and send them to our brain. Our brain then translates everything and fills in blind spots. Our mind constantly creates reality based on memories and past experiences.

Why this is so important?

Our beliefs determine most of our thoughts. Our thoughts determine our decisions and our actions. Our actions determine our behaviour and our behaviour determines our results. So if you want to achieve results, you need to adept your beliefs and manage all doubt.

Unfortunately we were never taught to manage our awareness, so it's easy to think that it's not possible to change your thinking.

"The only things keeping you from achieving your goals, are your own limiting beliefs and negative expectations concerning the steps you need to take.​​​​​​​"
By understanding this, you hold the key to your own success.​​​​​​​

IT IS POSSIBLE and never too late to learn.

With the International Avatar® Course you can learn how to manage your awareness and reach goals despite of doubt or circumstances. Click here for more info​​​​​​​.




Avatar® Course Information

"Avatar is a nine-day self-empowerment training delivered by a world-wide network of licensed Avatar® Masters. According to many graduates, Avatar® is the most powerful, purest self-development program available. It is a series of experiential exercises that enable you to rediscover your self and align your consciousness with what you want to achieve."​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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As a licensed Avatar® Master I can guide you through the materials and exercises. Being a licensed Master also connects me to a large global network of other Licensed Masters, all willing to pay unconditional service to others.

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My name is Nik Vavier. I am a qualified trainer and purpose coach.

In 2009 I started my first internet business, because I wanted to earn some extra money besides being a police officer at that time. 

Until 2010 I worked as a police officer in the centre of a big city in The Netherlands. I didn't quit my job then, because there is some sort of success story. On the contrary, I became ill and after three years of depression, I was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I just couldn't do the work anymore and suffered from nightmares and fears. I did a lot of workshops, training and education to learn how to handle my stress levels. I just had to know how to be happy. It made me an expert in personal growth and deliberate living. 

I am happy to tell you here that I found a way and it feels awesome! I discoverd very effective tools to manage my awareness (emotions, decisions, thoughts). Eventhough I still experience stress, I now know how to manage it. You can learn this too​​​​​​​.

​​​​​​​I can work on my goals everyday.
​​​​​​​To achieve these goals, I create new positive beliefs using simple exercises. These new beliefs energize me to do and enjoy the things that need to be done. 

Let me help you reach your goals.

To your success!


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"Stress is fear of (negative) expectations and you can find it at the root of every reason why you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing."